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by Dahye Jung.

I have changed, and so will this blog.

I have changed, and so will this blog.

Dear readers, 

I apologize for my lack of posts. My absence is due to a need for a break.

A break to reflect and gain inspiration, for the goal of creating a strategy for this platform's long-term vision. 

The girl that founded this blog seven years ago has changed through her experiences transitioning from teens to twenties, and has gained a few insights of her own. The woman she is become today is not reflected in the current state of heydahye.com. 

I want the content published online, open to the world to see, to be valuable.

Meaningful. Engaging. Provoking. 

The time you give on this website should give something back to you. 

I am happy to say that this month-long hiatus has been successful. I am inspired, and have a clear vision on the path to take moving forward. I am working on a new platform, new branding, and most importantly, a new message that makes my heart EXCITED! 

I hope you feel the excitement with me. 

I will see you in January 2018. 

xo, Dahye 


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