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My Stay at Hotel Boutique Castillo Rojo in Santiago, Chile

My Stay at Hotel Boutique Castillo Rojo in Santiago, Chile


Hello internet, 

Today I am writing to you about our experience staying at the Castillo Rojo Boutique Hotel during my trip to Santiago, Chile.

I was traveling with my adorable parents, so being in a central location and comfortable was of utmost importance. This hotel hit both these points and then some with its historic architecture and decor. Built in 1923 as a private mansion, it retains the elegance and charm of the decade while incorporating modern elements in the bathrooms and café terrasse on the ground level. 

We stayed in the suite, which had a balcony with a stunning view of the city. Seeing the sunset from here was quite the sight as the warm rays bounce off the home's red walls casting a warm glow all around. Stuff made for your instagram. 

And of course, I can't publish a post without talking about food. The Castillo offers complimentary breakfast, so you can enjoy your eggs the way you like it as you take your time to wear off the sleepiness. Random side note- I always like to try the milk as I find it tastes so different depending on what country you're in. The milk in Chile was less heavy and more on the fresh side. Now you know. 

As I mentioned earlier, the hotel's location was ideal as the Constitucion street is filled with restaurants and bars. Down the street, there is a new plaza of modern restaurants and shops, and two universities nearby, so the neighbourhood was full of vibrance. Santiago as a city is pedestrian-friendly, so we were able to see everything by foot!

I will be posting an itinerary of what we did during our trip in Chile. 

xo, Dahye