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Waiheke Wineries

Waiheke Wineries


Fun fact: there are twenty sheep for every human in NZ.

Moving on. 

Last weekend, Kearan and I enjoyed  a weekend discovering three wineries on Waiheke Island. (Shout out to groupon) 

After a 30-minute ferry ride from downtown Auckland, we found ourselves in the middle of what you would see on a New Zealand post card. Sheep a-grazing, wine a-mulling, helicopter pads a-waiting. It's easy to see why this island has become a vacation home mecca for billionaires around the world. #thosewhoknowknow #supercasual #justahopandaskipaway #nbd #brb 

I'm already halfway in my month-long work exchange. It has been a smooth and relatively easy adjustment, so I can only say good things about our time spent here so far. Working in a new city is a different experience from traveling or studying, as the daily routine can easily get dry after getting home from the office. However, I've been taking advantage of this 9to5 workflow by developing my adult'ing skills. I have been able to meditate in the morning, workout, actually stick to meal prep plans, and sleep eight hours a night hour from Monday to Friday. 

Just two more weeks of work, a ski weekend, then I am off again to another country!

xo, Dahye


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