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House Tour

Welcome to my crib!

Someone please reassure me that the reference is still relevant... 

Here are some pictures from corners of my home. If it reminds you of the home section at Anthropologie/Urban outfitters, then the succulents are doing their job. Turns out achieving that boho effortless loft vibe actually takes more effort than you'd think. Some pointers: 

  • Keep the plant:human ratio at 5, MINIMUM. Insider tip: Bonus points for a fig leaf tree if you manage to find one. 
  • Candles. Obviously just for the aesthetics, make that $30 investment LAST. 
  • Succulents. 
  • Guitar that also doubles as a dust collector.
  • Cushions with sarcastic quotes. Inspirational quotes should be approached with caution. 
  • Succulents.

I don't usually frolic around the house in pretty dresses, but when I do, it's from Tobi. I love the two-piece look, and the midi length makes it appropriate to wear with tights in the fall. I'm clinging onto this weather for as long as I can!

xo, Dahye

Wearing Robyn Midi dress from Tobi (major sale alert) 

I have changed, and so will this blog.

I have changed, and so will this blog.

Roses are red,

Roses are red,