24 hours in Tokyo


My mom has this fear of traveling to Japan because of the radiation. Which is a valid argument (if you read conspiracy theory blogs and watch the Young Turks you'd know), but I somehow managed to convince her to go on a short trip on our way to Korea. Here's what we during our day plus a few hours in Tokyo. 

Day 1

  • Check in at Kaisu Guest House. This was the cutest Japanese-style house converted into a hipster hostel. They have one private room cozy for two people. Skip the pods and stay here. 
  • Night walk around Ginza, stop by the cutest stationary stores along the way. Why is everything in Japan SO CUTE?
  • My friend, Jackson, whom I met in Singapore while on exchange also happened to be in Tokyo. We had dinner at Numazuko sushi, a rotating sushi bar. 
  • Walk around Harajuku. After a solid sushi session, Jackson and I picked up an array of snacks and roamed around the streets of Harajuku. Tokyo was quieter and less congested than I expected. 

Day 2

  • Explore Harajuku in the daylight. My mom and I visited a Sanrio shop and this is when I fell in love with Gudetama. My spirit embodied. This area has lots of cute stuff to see and eat, including flower shaped cotton candy and all the crepes. I wasn't too keen on the crepes, though, it was way too much cream for my taste. 
  • Meiji Shrine. A palace right in the middle of the city. The surrounding park is v zen. 
  • Imperial Palace. This is where the royal family of Japan lives. 
  • Shibuya Crossing. Yup, that one crosswalk we've all seen in countless music videos. Join the freeloaders like me and go to the Starbucks for a bird's eye view of the organized chaos of pedestrians. 

Due to the shortage of time, my mom and I just saw the main sights and didn't get to really explore the smaller corners of Tokyo and eat at the low-profile-yet-high-key foodie spots. But I'll be back!

xo, Dahye