Port of Livorno

Port of Livorno

Whenever I come back home after a trip, I feel equally happy and sad. 

Happy to be back in my own bed, back to my routines, and being able to use an insane amount of hair conditioner. 

Sad that I come back with only photos as evidence that I ever left the house. I was thinking how I've never, ever been on a trip where I did not take one single photo. (rather, the opposite happens as I come back with full memory cards ... my dropbox be like S.O.S.) I wonder if I did not take photos, which memories would stay with me? And for how long will I be able to remember? What details would stick? 

I noticed that I would be so caught up with taking pictures of everything in sight, as if I would get in trouble if I didn't document it all or I would regret not having a picture of it later. I know it's terribly cliché, but it prevented me from truly taking in the moment. So I have a new routine of taking all of my pictures in the beginning, and putting all the lenses away to be happy to be there in person with my own eyes. 

Because the most vivid memories that stick with us the longest at the moments when we feel emotions or have thoughts and conversations that meant a lot to us. By returning from a trip with less megabytes, but rich memories to think back on, it will surely lessen the post-trip blues.  

xo, Dahye