Found in the drafts


December, we meet again. 

I swear this month creeps up on you out of nowhere. Right when you start getting the hang of the current year, it's time for a new one. These pictures are from last winter break's travels to Port Livorno, Italy. I'm currently in Seoul for the week, and I'm slowly (but not surely) getting used to the cold. Winter break is here, and doing that year-end draft clean up. Finally these photos can see the light of internet's day.

This month has been filled with jumping from place to place, that I occasionally have to take a few seconds to remind myself where I am when I wake up in the morning. I plan to take advantage of this winter break to just chill and let myself have the luxury of leisure to reflect on the past few months. If spring cleaning is for the house, winter cleaning is needed for the mind to start a new year on a positive note. Journaling, reading, and other such hibernating activities are in order. 

Also, I am low key overwhelmed by the copious amount of photos and videos that yet need to be edited and filed. I think it's apparent by the tone of my writing that has evolved over the years, but I've become a very nostalgic person (for better or for worse). I think the reason why I've been procrastinating on going through the photos is because I don't want to face the fact that the fantasy life of traveling while on exchange is over. All of those moments, now memories stored in gigabytes. I forgot where I read this, but there's a saying that eternal life exists in the moments that are captured by film. Beautiful, isn't it? 

Wishing everyone a warm and safe holiday season, filled with love and chocolate. 

xo, Dahye