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Blog turns Five + Update

Blog turns Five + Update


Happy fifth birthday!

Most years, my little blog went on without much ado to a sort of “blogiversary” or whatever they call it now. Five years is not a long time, but it’s still half a decade, so I thought this anniversary should be acknowledged. Especially in the transition from teen to twenties, I feel as though I am living in dog years.

While redesigning my blog layout (basically clicking and dragging pages on squarespace) I encountered my earliest posts. I felt like a third person, when I was actually looking at myself. (Some outfits tho… can we not?) Even in what I used to write beneath the photos, I must have been in a competition to see how many exclamation points one can possibly use. I was a naïve, overly-excited fifteen-year-old when I began this online journal, with only good intentions and big aspirations of where this blog could grow as any teeny bopper should. It’s endearing to read records of my thoughts, remembering how excited I was for EVERYTHING. 

We're always asked questions like, "What's your five-year plan? What are you majoring in? What do you want to do after graduation?"

It's important to have a general direction and vision of what kind of person you want to become, but thus far, most "plans" I had as a fifteen year old did not happen as I imagined it would. But this is the best part of it all: nothing is set in stone and all that matters is to focus and do as much as you can today. 

As I am typing this entry, I am sitting in the lounge area of the hostel I'm temporarily staying at in Singapore. I am here for an exchange semester, and I don't think it has hit me yet that I'm actually here, here. I realize that my blog does not follow a linear timeline, as I post photos that I edit as I go along. So here's a general update.

During the month of July, I was in Korea which gave me a lot of time to be on my own and with my family. It was truly the definition of summer laziness: waking up at noon, my only concern of the day being where and what to eat... I'm so thankful I had that down time to relax and reach the point to wanting to start school soon. (I will probably eat my words as soon as the semester begins) 

My mom told me once that life comes at you in waves, just like the ocean. And I see the meaning of this now. Upon arrival in Singapore, I feel as though I was hit by a tsunami. After a calm month in Korea, I am suddenly bombarded with new people, deadlines, and an over-loading inbox. So far, the move here has been a smooth transition. The city and the people here are exceeding my expectation, and I already had high expectations coming in. 

Sorry for the cheesy oceanic metaphors, but I hope for smooth sailing for the rest of my time in Asia. I am ecstatic to see what's in store. 

And here's to the next five years. 

xo, Dahye

The Bridge of Life

The Bridge of Life