Montreal weather is like an awkward teenager going through puberty. Mood swings, indecisiveness, and drastic change. It was a beautiful summer day last week, when these pictures were taken. Today, fall is here and with it, the chill. That's why I need to have trusty basic pieces that can transition seamlessly with any weather, like this plain black tee. It's from Negative Underwear, a brand I am so happy to be acquainted with! They specialized in lingerie (think bras and undies you want to live in forever) and also have a selection of loungewear. So yeah, this tee has literally stayed on from bed to school, and back to bed... yeah... don't judge, it's just too comfy!! ;P

Talking about basic necessities, I've been keeping it super light on accessories. I used to love wearing midi rings, layered necklaces, statement studs, etc... but now, I just leave the house with a watch on. I feel like a good watch does the job of what a stack of jewelry can. Plus, it's useful! I feel odd when I don't have one on, and catch myself looking at my wrist as a habit now. I'm loving this one from JORD watches. It is made of real wood, which makes it super light for one, but very unique in an understated way. I think it's so cool when brands mix unconventional materials with an otherwise conventional design. 

So this outfit is probably the last one wearing shorts for a while... *TEARS. I'm getting used to my new schedule, and starting to feel less like such a first-year university student by the day. So far, the work load is not too bad. Hopefully it will stay that way. But it won't. 

xo, Dahye

Photos by Tiffany



Black t-shirt c/o Negative Underwear, Shorts from Abercrombie, Jacket from Korea, Watch c/o JORD Watches, Shoes from Zara