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fresh start

fresh start

I've been wanting to refresh my blog for a while, and now that summer is here, I've finally had the time to do it. 

First, I have my own domain! I had a good run on blogspot, and learned a lot from it, but it was the time to graduate from that phase. Now that I am going to start university soon, I feel like it's time to give my blog career a true, all-out effort to create great content. A few years in undergrad is going to fly by faster than ever, so basically I only have a few years left where I can focus on things that I love to do without worrying about real-life things, like paying rent, working 9 to 5, etc... 

I created the interface of this blog to be super easy to navigate, and categorized meticulously. I want to focus more on a lifestyle oriented platform. Of course, fashion is the main focus, but I also want to share other things I love: home decor, food, and traveling pictures. I had a lot of fun making this new design. It is hosted on Square Space, which is such an amazing service. It was so easy to personalize the template I chose, and it is also very user friendly since I only know the basics of HTML. 

I spent an entire day categorizing my old blog posts, and it was like walking down memory lane. I realized how I started this blog out of such a genuine, and almost naive, place. It was literally me and a tripod, and googling things to start it up. I stuck with my original logo, and I think it's staying for good now. I went through a phase last year (when I went blonde) where I wanted to be super edgy and high-fashion, but I realize that it was simply a phase, and I am now back to my more casual, feminine aesthetic. 

In July of this year, my blog will turn four years old! I know that only a few of you actually read what I write, but honestly, I want to thank those who have shown me support and shared kind words. It's easy to be pessimistic about the Internet, and yes, there are always the trolls and all sorts of negativity online. But I think there is much more good! Throughout these years, I've been able to connect with people all over the world, and it is  really through my blog that I have cool experiences and contacts. For that, I am truly grateful and I want to go back to my 15-year-old self and tell her that being different pays off in the end. 

In addition to amping up my blog, I am really going to put more time and love in my youtube channel. I am going to Korea in June, and am really excited to create content with some youtubers there. With youtube, too, I feel like I have a time limit as to how much effort I can put into it before I graduate. I am going to give it my all! Even though you guys can see and hear me talk on my channel, my true thoughts are shared on my blog. I feel like there is a degree of intimacy in reading someone else's words and interpreting the message for yourself, rather than just hearing me say it on the nose. 

I have my last exam this week, and then I am free from studying! I am really grateful for this past semester. I learned a lot. And I changed a bit, too. I mean, there isn't a definite way to describe the change, but it's an overall maturation. Haha. idk. Sometimes, it takes just one special person to teach you things about love and friendship that really can't be gained except by personal experience. Even if things will never be the same, the memories are always there and those moments are the only things in life that can enrich a person without spending a single cent. 

A new chapter awaits. Or did it already begin? The lines are never clear, but I can sense that there are many exciting adventures ahead. New apartment, new university, new blog, and newly-amplified motivation. Now that I have made it my goal to work hard on my blog and channel, all there is left to do is act upon it. Simple as that. I've set my mind on it and there's no going back. 

xo, Dahye

Top from H&M, Jeans from Urban outfitters. 

Photos by Katia

Marble accents + white room decor

Marble accents + white room decor