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LAMARQUE Leather Sadie Jacket + neutrals

LAMARQUE Leather Sadie Jacket + neutrals

Investing in leather is never a bad idea: the number of ways it can be styled and years it will last pays for itself. I got this off-white/slightly pink piece from the Montreal-based brand, Lamarque. They sell online, but check out the goods in person at their new downtown Montreal store. (1407 Crescent Street)

Now time for an unrelated blurb about life. 

 I once again managed to overbook myself with various commitments. 

I started out this semester not joining any extracurriculars, because I was overwhelmed by the options. Then, after a wave of midterms, I started to get more involved. I'm so happy I did. Not only is it a great way for me to meet people, but I feel a stronger "bond" with my university. Campus is absolutely gorgeous, especially during the fall, and I'm meeting so many hard-working people my age which is a motivating and refreshing environment to be in. So for now, I'm doing some case competitions, volunteering clubs, and other "leadership" type positions. 

My main motive is honestly to vamp up my resume. I already have a lot of experience in fashion, but sometimes I feel like fashion is all i've given my time to. So, I've been making the effort to branch myself out and maybe even find another industry I would be interested in working in. At this point of my blogging career, not to say that it is big or famous by any means, but I feel comfortable with my knowledge of social media and marketing aspects of fashion. I gave a presentation to a class at Lasalle College this week about my "blogging career," which was kind of rewarding to myself in a sense. The fact that other people were interested in hearing about what I had to say, and asked me questions of how I grew my blog and channel was a nice pat on the back to show that I'm at least doing okay. 

Every couple of months, I read back on my journal entries. Comparing my entries from the beginning of the semester to now, I pretty much became a grandma. I just started university, the supposed peak of partying and yolo-ing. But haha... even the thought of having to get ready and wear weather-innapropriate clothing to go dance somewhere sounds exhausting. I don't know how I used to go out so often before. But it's actually great, because I see a noticeable difference in my bank account. ($14 cocktails add up like no other) 

But the negative flip-side of me becoming a grandma is that I worry a lot more. Pretty much about everything. For example, I stopped drinking coffee because I started worrying about getting yellow teeth. Of course, I freak out over my grades and getting projects done. I worry about how I haven't gone to the gym in two weeks, and how I've been eating paninis everyday. In a way, my worrying/inner anxiety monster is the reason why I stay awake so late working. I literally scare myself into thinking that if I don't do enough or better, I'm pretty much a failure. yeah, I sound like a sob story, but trust me, I'm not writing this for sympathy. 

The whole point of me writing is really to remind myself that in order to become the adult I want to be, it's going to take a lot of tears, sweat, and sleepless nights. I think I truly grasped the meaning over being overwhelmed this semester. Sometimes I find myself tearing up for no other reason than the fact that thinking about everything I have to do over the next few weeks is scaring me. And I know that many people are in the same situation, so I want to offer a few remedies that help me whenever I'm about to burst: 

- take a shower

- squats until your quads shiver (idk, it relieves stress for me and it's an exercise that can be done anywhere)

-  read blogs of people you look up to (I love reading blogs of boss-ladies, like Chriselle Lim and Margaret Zhang. Compared to them, I have a crumb on my plate.)

- shrink down your to-do list to only TWO items at a time

- think about the big-picture, end-goal of why you are working on whatever it is you're working on

- winter break is only a few weeks away

- at the end of the day, the commitments you have were all made voluntarily and for good reason

- watch the Office

Along with these random bits of advice, here are some key things to AVOID DOING. Trust me, I've done all of these and more. Getting into bad/unhealthy habits is so freaking easy. Save yourself from more stress and DO NOT do these: 

- stress eat 

- complain

- compare yourself to others 

- inflict your own stress unto others (everyone is stressed as it is)

- isolate yourself from people you like 

But hey, what do I know? Do what works for you, but just always remember that the struggle is worth it. 

I'm probably going to disappear again, so until then, take care. <3 

xo, Dahye 


Leather jacket c/o Lamarque, collared top from J. Crew, Sweater top from H&M, pants from H&M, boots from Forever 21, jewelry c/o Pandora

Wood side table and with crassula

Wood side table and with crassula

boyfriend shirt + linen pants + mules

boyfriend shirt + linen pants + mules