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The Classic Trench

The Classic Trench

Total look from


The sun is out and spring looks like it's here to stay. I think Montrealers are happy to see the sun out. All of the sudden, there are joggers and dogs and flowers and PEOPLE walking outside just because they can.  I can't believe it's April already, and that there is only a month left of classes before finals it's all over. Then, summer (which I will be returning to Korea again).

So I think I'm going through another style phase. During my stint as a blonde, I tried out the minimalistic, all black everything look. Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE my black outfits. But I think it's time to reintroduce some color to match with the season. I have been wearing

this trench

super often. It's kind of like my leather jacket, once you have it, there are so many outfits you can create. Definitely a staple. 

xo, Dahye