One month living in Singapore under my belt, I feel much more settled in this city. 

I wouldn't call it home just yet, but it's something like it for the moment. I like to consider the concept of what really makes a home. 

For many, the answer is simple. The place you were born and raised, right? But for those who were born in one place and moved around, there is no straight answer. As a Korean-Canadian, I often get asked what city I consider my hometown or which place I identify with the most. I should have an elevator pitch ready considering how often I am asked this, but each time, I still have trouble giving a cookie-cutter answer. 

I identify with the culture of the cities I've lived in and the place I was born in equally. (more or less) Each move has gifted me with new experiences, friends, and the ability to relate to more people. Growing up, I had no idea how traveling and moving would pay forward but this exchange semester feels like I am coming full circle, as I am meeting students from all over the world. We share stories of where we've lived, the languages we've picked up along the way, and it's all making me realize that I'm not alone in having this trouble to have a one-word answer to where I consider my home. 

All this to say that what makes a home, a home, is not the geographical location. Because the location is not something personal, anyone can find that on google maps. A home includes the people who make you feel like you belong, the daily routines that comprises a familiar schedule, and most importantly, being at ease in your own mind. 

I am constantly learning more about myself, and this past year, I realized that I am definitely an introvert. The source of my energy comes from time spent alone. Well, alone with the company of coffee and music. 

I kind of overdid it with touring and constantly hyper-stimulating my senses with new people, new places, new this, new that, until finally all I wanted was something old and familiar. In Montreal, I hang out with my sister at cafes often, and so I found myself craving this familiar experience in Singapore. Like an obedient millenial, I dutifully googled "hipster cafes in singapore," created a new note on my phone, and began my #singaporecafecrawl journey.  

A former hardware shop converted into an artisanal cafe, Chye Seng Huat Hardware (CSHH for short because who has time to say the whole thing?) is located near Little India, which is my 'hood. I'm just gonna say it straight, there's no wifi. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why tho................ sorry I'm a student and spending $5 on a latte means I need to get my money worth by staying a minimum of four hours. Besides that minor (read: maj) detail, this place is right up my alley: concrete structures, exposed piping, and a cacti-filled outdoor terrace. 

Couple this setting with my favorite music, for a couple of hours it felt like just another day in Montreal. Music has a touch of magic that can bring back memories and calm the mind. I have a talent for losing headphones, so I am hesitant to invest in them, but when Sudio Sweden asked me if I wanted to try out a pair headphones, no strings attached, I said, "yes, please." 

Quite literally no strings attached, as they are wireless headphones that connect to your device with bluetooth. (What a clever pun, Dahye! Big pat on the back for you.) So no more annoyance from spending five minutes of your life untangling wires, or embarrassingly jerking forward when you stand up forgetting you have earphones on. (I'm not alone on this right?) On one charge, I can enjoy my peaceful piano playlist for a blissful eight hours. 

Sudio only asked me to post on Instagram and facebook, but I felt the least I could do to thank them was to write a full blog post because I am sincerely loving these headphones. The model I got is the Vasa BLA in rose gold black, here's the link if you want to check them out: 

Use the code heydahye to get a 15% discount, and they always offer free delivery. 

That's it for now. See ya on my next rant. 

xo, Dahye

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