I am twenty one years old today. Here are twenty one things I have learned so far in no particular order: 

1. happiness = reality - expectations

2. Everything anyone needs to know about anything is already written in books. 

3. Being smart is the sexiest trait. 

4. Tiger balm is life. 

5. Traveling is not and should not be a vacation. 

6. People are at the core pretty much the same. 

7. Being a student is like having a free pass for life. I plan to milk it. 

8. Don't get a $7 hair cut, it's going to look like it was $7. 

9. Do things on the way when it is convenient, don't plan for it later. 

10. Everything in moderation. A little bad doesn't hurt either. 

11. If he really cared, you wouldn't even have this discussion right now. Some tears are not worth shedding.

12. But a good cry fixes most problems. 

13. Most judgments are made up in your own head, trust me, they don't have time to think about you that much. 

14. Goals become goals only when you start to DO something about it. 

15. Cereal addiction does pass. 

16. Journal at least once a week, I think my 80 year old self will thank me. 

17. Every cliché is true, that's why they became clichés in the first place. 

18. Try everything at least once. (as long as it doesn't hurt you or others because YOLO) 

19. Friendships that stand the test of time are the unicorns of this universe. 

20. Family first.

21. I don't know a thing yet. 


Thank you everyone for making me happy. 

xo, Dahye

Hawker Centre

Hawker Centre

Marina Bay, Singapore

Marina Bay, Singapore