Santiago, Chile Itinerary + Photos

Santiago, Chile Itinerary + Photos


Hello, world!

I am back in my home base of Montreal, after a month of travels.

The first place I went to was Santiago, Chile. As my first time in South America, I was impressed with the city's vibrance that is reflected in their food and architecture. 

Here is an itinerary of what we consumed, both with our eyes and taste buds. 

to see


Santa Lucia Hill

Located right in the city centre, Santa Lucia Hill is a historic viewpoint where you can enjoy a great view of the city in a tranquil environment. With the Andes standing mightily afar, it shows the vast diversity of Chile's natural terrain. 



Catedral de Santiago

The city's main Cathedral is located by the city's main square, very similar to European urban plans. Stepping inside the Cathedral provides a nice break from the bustle of street vendors and performers lining the square just outside. 


Museo de Arte Contemporaine

The Museum of Contemporary Art is free and showcases an interesting array of mediums. Photography, sculpture, to more abstract digital experiences... the stuff that makes you think twice. 

to eat


Mercado Central

The Central Market houses dozens of casual restaurants, most of which were seafood. We walked into a place called Tio Lucho's, as it was one of the more crowded places... I find that following the wisdom of crowds for food usually works out. The food was kind of bland, so I wouldn't recommend this place in particular. 


Constitucion Street

This street is lined with modern and- for the lack of a better word- gentrified shops and restaurants. If you want a break from empanadas, you can find an international range of cuisine here. 



Okay, so the time the wisdom of the crowd worked out was at Galindo's. This place is located on Constitucion Street, but it looks like it has been around for a while. The empanadas here were delicious, much smaller and chewier than other places. 


Those were the highlights from our short time in Santiago. Hope you enjoyed this post and safe travels!

xo, Dahye

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