As you may know, I went on a quick trip to New York for fashion week a few weeks ago. It was a last minute decision to pack up and go to the city for a couple of shows, but a collaboration opportunity came up with Lamarque that I did not want to pass up. 

If you aren't familiar with Lamarque yet, chances are, that you will very soon. They are already established in the states, but now they are pushing great campaigns in Canada. I find it interesting how they are based in Montreal, but they grew much more outside of the city in terms of their brand. I was spoiled by being able to pick out a few pieces to wear in New York. Especially for an occasion like NYFW, I had a serious case of "closet full of clothes, with nothing to wear." So thank you again to Lamarque!

The reason why I was on the fence as to whether I should go to NYFW or not, is simply that: it's not as cool as it looks on Instagram. If I think back to only two years ago, I would have not even questioned it for a second to go or not, as long as I had the time to do so. But after going twice, my perception of fashion week and aspects of the fashion industry shifted greatly. 

I think a lot of it also has to do with the fact that I've matured over the years, and with age comes with less excitement towards things. This is not a bad thing; I believe that it's a natural part of growing up. If anything, I get thrown off by people who are overly-excited about everything. I guess I've mellowed out a bit, so the thought of taking the whole trip out and running around felt like a chore, instead of an exciting opportunity. And since I've been before, I kind of knew what to expect: struggling with the metro, running to be on time, feeling awkward when going to events alone... 

But then, I thought to myself: I should be ecstatic that I'm even given the option to go to NYFW. Fifteen-year old Dahye started her blog with the vision of someday getting invited to fashion week. Of course, my blog is by no means famous and I did not get invited to headlining shows, but still, I got somewhere by building my own brand over the years. I reminded myself of how badly I wanted this when I was younger,  and I should take any opportunity that comes my way. 

So, I went and came back to Montreal. Exhausted, loaded with work to catch up on, and on the verge of developing a cold. If I'm being completely honest here, a part of me regretted going. While I was in New York, all I could think of was being freezing cold and stressing about school. But I find that this is how it always goes. In the moment, I can only focus on how stressed I am. It's only a few weeks after the matter that I see how much I gain from traveling alone and doing things that are not usually in my daily student routine. 

Everytime I visit NYC, I get to see my close friends that are currently studying there. It's crazy to think that they only have one year left before graduating. It literally feels like two hot seconds ago that they were newly settled, and we were so excited to go out to clubs in THE BIG APPLE. It's hilarious how now, we've all grown out of the crazy underage clubbing phase and we choose to head home at 11 pm, max. These friends are so precious to me, and I realize that we really have a limited time left before graduating and dispersing around the world with different jobs. So, even just to see them, the trip was worth it. 

In addition to seeing my old friends, I have made so many new friends in New York. During NYFW, you will literally see every instagram stars and blogger if you know which location to be in at what time. It's kind of fascinating for me to see these people that I've stalked online in person. I would say that it's different from being star-struck when seeing a celebrity, because with bloggers, you feel like you actually know, know them. Probably because I live their lives vicariously through snap chat. 

Anyways, I've met countless bloggers during my NYFW tours. Some I am lucky to call them my friends. They come from all over the world, so if I ever travel to their city, I have a friend there to show me around. Even by talking to people who blog as a full time job, I learn a lot from their experiences. For now, I don't think I'll go into blogging as a career, but the entrepreneurial skills you need to do it full-time are REAL. There is no set path, as it's new for everyone, and it's so damn competitive. Your face and style is literally your unique selling proposition. Crazy. 

At the end of it all, I am so happy that I went. I know that once I graduate and start working, I won't have the luxury to skip town for a few days to frolick around with bloggers in New York. I consider myself very lucky to have this experience, a vision that became a reality by being consistent with building my blog. 

With a clear vision and a realistic plan, you can do anything. 

xo, Dahye

p.s. watch out for my NYFW video coming up :)

Leather jacket from Lamarque

Dress and boots from Zara

Bag from Alexander Wang


Photos by Elizabeth



San Francisco Weekender