Places to visit in Seville, Spain : Alcazar Palace, Seville Cathedral, Plaza de Espana

Alcazar Palace. The architecture and design are inspired by both Spanish and Middle Eastern styles, creating a colorful European oasis. The extensive garden is stunning and I was so impressed at how well maintained it is. Signature to Seville, there was an abundance of orange trees throughout. I never knew how beautiful a fruit tree could be! 

Seville Cathedral. Of course, the cathedral itself is a masterpiece and gilded in gold. But what I loved the most was walking up the tower to see this breath taking view of the town. The weather was perfect, without a cloud in the sky. How unreal does the sky look here? 

On our last day in Seville, we walked to Plaza de Espana. I thought I was transported into a snow globe. A clean stream of water with gondolas, and horse carriages complete this story book like ambiance. The entire half-circle is tiled with mosaics, representing the cities of Spain. I'm always so amazed at the attention to detail, and how every single square foot is unique. 

Europe is filled with so much historic sites. I love walking through cobble stone paths and think how people have been walking the exact same streets for centuries. Seville is such a beautiful, clean, and friendly city. Definitely a must-see when in Spain. 

xo, Dahye

Sevilla outfit 2: leather top and checked skirt