la barceloneta

Crop top, Topshop____Shorts, Levi's____Bikini, Abercrombie & Fitch____Hat, Gap____Sandals, Gap

It's a weird feeling to write this post a month after these pictures were taken. This is the last outfit post from my trip to Spain. (Although it's barely an outfit at all...) I saved best for last as chilling on the Mediterranean at

La Barceloneta

was hands-down my fave part of the trip. Tanning and swimming to my heart's desire with the most beautiful scenery was just the perfect summer day. 

I have a week left in Seoul, before I head back to the States, then back to Canada for school. wow. That was a whirlwind. I made so many memories during my stay here, and I can't wait to share those in vlog/picture format here. 

xo, Dahye


Within the blooms