Red in Reina Sofia Museum

Shirt, Vero Moda____Shorts, Abercrombie____Shoes, Urban outfitters____Bag, Bershka 

This is a go-to travel outfit. A classic combination with easy summer colors can never go wrong. I wore this while we were discovering the modern arts featured at the

Reina Sofia museum.

I have to be honest and say that modern art is not my cup of tea. I mean my sister is in love with Joan Miro, but I prefer paintings from the renaissance and classical era. Either way, the museum's architecture was a unique combination of modern and classic styles, which was a beautiful place! 

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Shopping, eating, and meeting lots of new people! I'm really impressing myself with how well I am restraining myself from buying everything little thing I see. I think my style has evolved away from cutesy korean street style... I'd much rather just shop at Zara here too. It's been a challenge to keep updating my blog regularly because of the time change and overall hecticness of being in seoul. (I know hecticness is not a word... just go with it) 

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xo, Dahye

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