Paris, Je t'aime

Paris Eiffel Tower

Red leather Moschino gloves

Balenciaga Classic city bag

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Coat, J. Crew//Skirt, Zara//Scarf, Nordstrom//Hat, J. Crew//Boots, Topshop//Gloves, Moschino//Bag, Balenciaga City Bag

When visiting Paris, it is a blogger-must to take outfit pictures featuring the iconic Eiffel Tower. Many of my favorite bloggers, like Gary Pepper, have amazing pictures next to the tower, so I've always wanted to have a little photo shoot of my own in a similar fashion. I am so happy with how the pictures turned out. Although it was a gloomy day, with scattered showers, the blurred outline of the Eiffel tower in the background looks beautiful. And I think it worked out because my outfit itself is a plethora of gray and black. 

These pictures were taken on New Year's Eve of 2013. The last day of the year was spent eating crepes from the Christmas market on Champs-Elysees, lunching at Cafe de Flore (a cafe maybe as iconic as the Eiffel tower), exploring the streets of St. Germain de Pres, eye-shopping on Rue Cambon, attending mass at Sacre Coeur, and finally counting down to welcome the new year by the flashing lights on the Eiffel tower. Pretty much the perfect day, if you ask me. 

This was my second time visiting Paris. The last time I went there was before middle school, and now that I'm in college, the experience in the city was like new. I could enjoy a glass of wine with my foie gras and I appreciated the history behind the monuments and museums so much more. I wonder when I will visit this beautiful city again, what I will doing at that time, who I will be with, and where I will go. Although I like to think that I know how life will plan out, the truth is that I don't. There are so many things in life that can happen that are out of my control. Kind of scary, but maybe that mystery is why we wake up every morning and work hard each day in order to secure a better tomorrow. Well, before I get in a philosophical nonsense rant mode, here are my 2014 new year's resolutions. Or, things that I can put under my control to become better and happier: 

- Have a monthly cash limit, and minimize debit card spendings

- Pray regularly

- Approach people I want to talk to. (People are all just people at the end of the day, no need to be too intimidated.)

- Be mindful, not obsessive, over what others think of me

- Cut out the cookies from the school cafeteria (they are 600 calories each... yikes!)

- Replace one meal with a salad

- Stick to my list of blog goals 

I make resolutions and goals every year, and even though I don't fulfill all of them, I think the whole concept of at least putting an effort to bettering yourself each year is important. Something I always tell myself when I feel lazy is, "If you don't do it for yourself, who will?" It's sort of a debby-downer quote in a way, but it's true.

Be your own best friend and hero!

xo, Dahye

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