White shirt, H&M____Shorts, Zara____Belt, American Eagle____Bag, Bershka____Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell

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First outfit post from Korea starts with a classic look that literally never fails: a white shirt paired with blue denim. It's crazy to think that these pictures were taken a whole entire month ago... I met up with


, who is a friend of a friend and also a blogger/youtuber! It was our first time meeting in person, but it felt like we already knew each other because we always watch each other's videos and what not. Anyways, to sum up our day, we ate pasta a Urban Sheriff, had dessert at my


strawberry bingo place called "Peony," and shopped around



: I am writing this post at my parent's house in the States, which I will be staying for just a little bit before heading back up to Montreal. I've probably said this about ten thousand times now, but this summer has just been a whirlwind. I want to take time to reflect on my trip to Korea, so the following paragraph is mainly for my own diary/blog purposes of recording

moments that are now just memories

. Feel free to read if you are intrigued enough. 

Since middle school, I went to Korea every summer to see family and such. I'm so thankful to be able to go back every year to where I was born. Even though I've never really lived there, (my immigrated when I was three) I feel a deep attachment to my country of origin. Every summer is similar in many ways: I stay at my grandmother's house, I see my cousins and relatives, I have lunch with my mom's close friends, and I make sure I hit my favorite shopping areas. But this summer was different in so many ways too. First off, I was much, MUCH more


this time around. Having never gone to school in Korea, I don't have many korean friends, so I used to get really bored when I was younger because all I would do is follow my mom around. But now, my Korean friends that I met in each city I lived in (both US and Canada) came to visit Seoul as well, so it was amazing to be able to reunite with people I haven't seen in many years. It's crazy how I didn't see some of these friends while I lived in the States for years, but we somehow are able to meet up across the world. I grew super close to some of these friends, (i'm sure you would know if you've seen my instagram), and we made memories that we will probably talk about until we are old


. (Korean word for middle aged woman) 

Another big difference this summer was that I turned the legal drinking age in Korea, so I got to experience Korean drinking culture (SOJU, SOJU, SOJU) and


. To say the least, it was pretty crazy. Now that I am back, I am treating my liver to a much needed detox period. All in all, I had such an amazing time in


, but at the same time, I was ready to head back home towards the end of the month-long stay. Now that I got all the partying/being super lazy out of my system, I feel reenergized and motivated to get back to work. 

Now, I am kind of


. BUT, I've also given a lot of thought on what I will do with my blog. Of course, I will keep continuing to post, but I think I am going to gradually focus more on Youtube from now on. Just a side note, hehe. :)

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer. <3

xo, Dahye