La Montrealaise Atelier


La Montrealaise Atelier sweatshirt

Sweatshirt, La Montrealaise Atelier from Simons____Skirt, American Apparel____Boots, Banana Republic____knee high socks, American apparel____Bag, Kate Spade____Clear umbrella, Target

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After a year of living in Montreal, I think it's safe to say that I'm pretty adjusted and can call myself a Montrealer. (or Montrealaise in french) so obviously, I needed to get a sweatshirt proclaiming that.

I took these pictures on my last day in Montreal before leaving for New York. As you can see, the weather is extremely bipolar, and it decided to rain on us during the shoot. But nothing can stop bloggers, right? We were literally in the rain, trying to keep our skirts down from the wind, all the whilst ignoring the confused the looks we got from people passing by. (I'm used to that by now) Yes, the winter is horrid and the politics may be skewed, but I still love Montreal's vibrancy. I think it is this year that I fully grasped the meaning behind the saying

time flies.

I know this summer is going to disappear in a snap, so I'm going to try my best to be super productive (blog wise) and super lazy (everything else wise). 

Like I said, I'm currently at a coffee shop on Sixth Avenue writing this post. I'm seated right next to the window, watching the continuous flow of people walking fast to wherever their day needs them to be. Despite the weird sewage smells, the constant blare of sirens, and the herds of tourists who block the sidewalk, I fall more in love with this city with each visit. Keep an eye peeled for my outfit posts!

Hope everyone is well, and having a good day! Now, let me finish this macchiato. 

xo, Dahye


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