Bow back Cut-out top

Bow back cut-out top from H&M

Top, H&M____circle skirt, American Apparel____Leather jacket, Express____black wedges, Zara____Purse, vintage

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Hey loves!

Spring is officially here in Canada, and I cannot tell you how much it makes me smile on the inside to be able to wear skirt without tights again. I think I must have grown during the winter, because I really do not remember this circle skirt being THIS short haha... oh well, my legs need some vitamin D anyways. And before I get into my personal thoughts, I just want to give my

new top from H&M

a huge


because I am in love with it. It's like a cool watercolor floral print, with bows on the back. How could I leave this baby behind? 


It is this time of the year that I reflect the most on myself, more so than during December. Probably because it is nearing the end of the school semester, I like to think about how I did in school, the people I met, etc. As a student, I feel like my year starts in the fall with the new semester and ends with the reward of a relaxing summer. This school year was definitely the craziest, and maybe even the best so far. College pushed me to work harder and learn to function on less sleep. My job taught me to mange time and I experienced

how fun it is to make your own money

(and spend it of course, haha). Living away from my parents made me grow so much mentally on so many levels, and living with my older sister made our relationship into the ultimate


This year flew by, but at the same time, high school feels like it was forever ago. When I see pictures of my high school friends on


, it is so crazy to see where everyone is moving on to college across the country, and how friendships fade or grow with time. Why am I getting so deep on Facebook? haha, I don't really know either... it's just cool to see the

beginnings of my friends' "adult lives"

and it's exciting to see where everyone will end up! I'm just so thankful for all the new friends I met this year, the old one I got to reconnect with, and the experiences I had that honestly would not have been possible if I were still living with my parents. 

For all of us on the same exam period boat,


Let's kick procrastination in the a** and ace it. It's almost summer<3

Thank you so much for reading as always. Wishing you the best week!

xo, Dahye

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