Kipling Jinan Backpack

Sweater with cut out neckline from

Leopard Coat, c/o

____Sweater, c/o

____Pants, American Apparel____Boots, Banana Republic____Hat, Forever 21____Backpack, Kipling

VICTORY IS MINE! (imagine me shouting this as I pretend to like snow in the last picture^^)

After searching around for a year (yes, a whole YEAR) for the perfect leopard coat, I finally found this one from

... Why did it take me a whole year to commit? After all, it is just a coat, right? Well, yes and no. I found it quite hard to find a leopard coat with the right length, the right color tone, and level of furriness. The one from Zara was too long, the one from Asos was an odd dark leopard, and the one from Forever 21 had a hood with ears on it. (I think I graduated eared-hoods when I was six, thank you very much) So when I found this one online, it was a shopping eureka moment. The shipping kind of took a long time, so when it came in the mail, it felt like a surprise because I almost forgot I ordered it. At first sight, even I was a little intimidated by the bold print. But the more I wear it, that exact boldness is growing on me. Plus, it's extremely warm! 

You probably noticed the random lay out of the pictures, because there are two different backgrounds. Well, my sister and I took these pictures on our way to lunch, and I think it would be a blogger sin to pass by a PINK HOUSE without taking outfit pictures in front of it. And you gotta admit, the leopard print against the pink wall is a match made in a blogger's heaven. 

xo, Dahye

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Army vest