A little lace and tartan today

Leather sleeve sweater from


I'm wearing two trends that I am absolutely loving: the tartan scarf and a peek of lace!

Zara Studded sleeve jacket

J. Crew Brompton Hobo in black

Casio Mini Digital watch

Jacket, Zara//Sweater, c/o


//lace skirt, Zara//Scarf, H&M//leather cap, American Apparel//Bag, J. Crew//Watch, Casio//Shoes, Target 

It happens every year.

As I laze around during winter break, catching up on Modern Family, editing blog posts in a leisurely manner, and forgetting the sound of a morning alarm, BAM... winter break is over. I'm making my schedule for the second semester soon and heading across the border back to Montreal in a few days. This winter break was pretty amazing because I got to travel across Europe, hit up the after-holidays sales with my mom, and edit enough videos to last my channel a month. I'm going to miss my parents, my mom's cooking (however, it's time to leave because I gained three pounds from eating so much good food!), and the amazing weather in Atlanta. I'm seriously going to get a harsh reality check with all of the snow in Canada. But, I'm looking forward to new classes and teachers, reuniting with the regular lunch crew, and just getting back into the busy-as-a-bee lifestyle.

To all other students, hope you had a relaxing break and the best of luck to the new semester.

xo, Dahye

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