Thank you 2013!

Thank you 2013!

Coat, super old____Sweater, local boutique____Skirt, Forever21____Scarf, local boutique____Gloves, Moschino____Hat, H&M____Shoes, J. Crew

I've had this black pea coat for almost six years, before it was time to finally let it go. I honestly don't even remember where I got it from, it's been that long. I've worn it religiously every winter, and it's one of those items that you know you should get rid of (as you can see in the detail shot, the material is really worn out), but simply can't because it's so versatile. But finally, we parted ways and it always feels good to lighten up your closet from old clothes. Now, I just need to find a replacement for it. 

I'm now leaving for the airport for a super exciting trip abroad. Of course, I will be taking tons of pictures to share later... I won't be bringing my laptop during my trip, so my next post will be next year. Gosh, time really flies. Have an awesome holiday season and happy new year!

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xo, Dahye

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