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Every Sunday, my sister and I make it a point to try out a new place for brunch around the city. We are both very busy during the week so it's honestly the only time we can sit down and talk about everything and anything, over lattes and poached eggs. Luckily, Montreal has an awesome food scene so it will take us a while to cross off all the places on our "to eat" list! 

I love discovering cute gems that gives the city its charm. Like this phone booth that some person decorated with colorful origami swans. (What?! Phone booths still exist!) Honestly, I wish I could give the person who decorated this booth a big hug. The fact that they spent their own time and energy to add a little beauty and color to the world is simply awesome. Sometimes, we are all just so busy in the day-to-day routine and constantly checking our phones, that we forget to appreciate the little things that make life a little brighter. 

Hope you all had a nice weekend, and here's to another week! Remember, sometimes if you feel too stressed out, take a breather and yell out:


xo, Dahye

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