Happy Halloween! (Comme des F*ckdown)

Leather jacket, Express____top, local boutique____Shorts, Editorial____Sock, J. Crew____Beanie, Ebay____Boots, Topshop____Backpack, c/o Persunmall.com

This is a very delayed outfit post, as I wore this look back when it was still appropriate to wear shorts outside. Now, the weather is getting exponentially colder by the day and the sun is disappearing by the time I'm done with school... ugh, so sad. 

I feel like Halloween always creeps up out of nowhere, leaving me totally unprepared to dress up in a legit costume. Looks like I'll be going out as a cat again, which entails wearing all black and throwing cat ears on and calling it a day. Hope you guys don't have a costume as lame as mine! 

Happy Halloween! 

xo, Dahye

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