Caroline Neron "Pur Diamant" Fragrance Launch

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Outfit pictures taken by Chloe

Last Tuesday, I attended a launch party for Caroline Neron's fragrance called "Pur Diamant." I think the name is very fitting for the perfume because of it's crisp, yet feminine scent that emulates the beauty of a diamond. Caroline is also an established actress and jewelry designer, so it is amazing that she was able to expand her business into a fragrance! I got to meet Caroline in person, and she was so kind and very down-to-earth. It's always nice to meet someone who is both successful, humble, and easy to talk to. It makes you even happier for their success! 

The event was held at a swanky hotel lobby, with high ceilings and dim lighting, and a giant ice sculpture in the shape of the perfume bottle. I went to this event with Chloe, who is also a fashion blogger. (Petite Brunette en Talons Haut) It is always so much fun to attend an event with her, as we never run out of things to talk about and take pictures of. So, thank you again Chloe for inviting me! :)

Check out Caroline Neron's fragrance here

xo, Dahye

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