Montreal Fashion Week #SMM 2013: COLLECTIF


Love the simple lines, and monochromatic color palette. But it is still very interesting because the clothes are made with a mix of textures. Think chiffon layered on buttery leather. 


With the perfect pop of tangerine orange mixed with neutral shades, this collection is making me miss summer already! Such a fun, and easy line to fall in love with.

This post is the first of five that I will be publishing from my Montreal Fashion Week coverage! It was a night full of flashing cameras, meeting awesome people, and feasting my eyes with amazing fashion. Stay tuned for more pictures. :)

xo, Dahye

*all photos taken and edited by me. Please link back to my blog if you want to use them!

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MTL Fashion Week #SMM 2013: Caroline Constas and Laruelle

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