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Plaid shirt, Zara____Overall dress, Zara____Crop top, H&M____Bag, sunglasses and lace socks, Korea

The best thing about moving to a new city is having the opportunity to meet new friends. After exchanging comments on each other's blogs, emailing back and forth, and texting occasionally, I finally got to meet Camille, from Fashion Tartare, in person! This was my first time meeting another person solely through their fashion blog, or any type of website, really. Like any other first encounter, a little part of me was nervous that it might be awkward... but honestly I should not have even worried! Camille is seriously such a genuinely sweet person, with a classy sense of style, and bold eyebrows that could rival Cara Delevigne's. And let's be real, if you put two fashion obsessed bloggers together, give them a camera and some nice lighting and you are good to go. ;)

Check out Camille's blog: Fashiontartare.com     =====>   instagram: @camillenormandin

xo, Dahye

p.s. I FINALLY got an instagram! Follow me =====> @heydahye

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