Chanel Espadrilles

T-shirt, Local Boutique____Skirt, Forever21____Devil horn Beanie, Ebay____Chelsea boots, Topshop

Photos by Camille

This black and white streetstyle outfit combined with the run-down graffiti background makes this post maybe one of my most favorite yet! After a day of school, I met up with Camille for a quick blog shoot. It was actually really funny, because she was wearing all black and white too! (Great fashion minds think alike?) It actually worked out perfectly, because we found out about a Black and White outfit contest hosted by Elle Quebec on Instagram! 

Check out my contest entry on Instagram @heydahye and like the outfit I posted with #NBEQ. 

*Also, check out IFB'S Project #111: Get Fancy with Feline inspired Fashion! How perfect that a little kitty came to pose for some pictures. :)

Hope you are having a lovely week so far!

xo, Dahye

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