Denim backpack, c/o Persunmall____Leather jacket, Korea____Knit top, H&M____faux leather shorts, Forever21____Chelsea boots, Topshop____BOY/GIRL snapback hat, Korea

And here we are, well into the month of August. I am now moved out of my parents' house, relocated to a new city, and starting college in twelve days. Wait....what? Yeah, life has been a busy whirlwind. (Did I really just say that?) This past week was pretty crazy because I'm in that transition phase of settling into my new (tiny) apartment, and filling out a bunch of forms for school. I realize that growing up is a lot of paperwork! But between all that boring stuff, I managed to get tickets to a music festival and saw Macklemore performing live in the flesh. My life is made, and I just love him. The end. 

Like all transitions, this one is very exciting, nerve-wracking, and challenging all at the same time. But, I'm a person who enjoys a change of scenery and exploring a new city is so fun. (I am never living in the suburbs again!) This backpack from Persunmall is perfect for roaming the streets, because it is both cute and functional. Plus, it will be perfect for school. 

Hope you are all enjoying the last few weeks of summer!

xo, Dahye

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