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Shorts, Thrifed____Jean jacket, American Eagle____Tank top, Forever21____Shoes, Gap____Bag, thrifted____Watch, Target____Sunglasses, Ray Ban

Summer is in full swing, and the heat is showing no mercy. This outfit is my holy grail when it comes to summer style: high waisted shorts and a tank top. I got the jeans that I am wearing from a thrift store a few days ago and cut them into shorts. I know, it's an overdone DIY, but it literally costs me $5 compared to ones they sell at Urban Outfitters for $50+ dollars. I'm not hating on UO, because I freaking love that store, but seriously, save your self some cash and go on a little hunt at the thrift store! But I've noticed that even the thrift stores are raising their prices on stuff, probably because "thrifting" is cool now. (Thanks, Macklemore.) Even just two years ago, everything literally used to be like three dollars or less... oh the good old days. 

After posting this, I am leaving for a weekend-long summer camp. I am looking forward to wearing crappy t-shirts everyday, getting a ridiculous tan, and taking a short break from the internet. It's going to be old-fashioned fun in the sun!

xo, Dahye

p.s. That is my neighbor's cat in the last picture from my previous post. 

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