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Top, Thrifted____Shorts, Forever21____Bag, Korea____Shoes, tj Maxx____Watch, Target____hand chain, Forever21

 I love this kind of sporty, downtown-girl look. I actually wore this outfit to the movies last weekend, when I went to go watch the Great Gatsby in 3D.  I could literally go on a day-long tangent about how amazing the movie was. Especially because I had to read the novel and write a deep analytical essay about it in my literature class. It made me appreciate the movie even more because I understood the symbolism behind certain scenes! Okay, I'll stop here before I go off on that Gatsby tangent I mentioned earlier. 

The weather is an absolute dream, and I only have two days left of school! This is the time where a fast forward button for life would be awesome. 

xo, Dahye

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