Nude & Matte Nails

Hey everyone!

I've been seeing matte nails everywhere lately. I think it is a subtle change from the regular shiny nail polish that makes a sleek and classy statement. I went with a nude color with a matte top coat, and I love the way it blends with my skin tone. 

NYC matte nail polish top coat
First, apply two coats of nude nail polish and wait for it to dry completely.

Next, apply a coat of matte polish. I got the NYC matte crazy polish, and it was only $2! 

matte nails: clean and simple

rings, DIY Knuckle rings (from previous post)

So no, it's not the most drastic change, but I still think it is a nice change from the regular shiny polish. The great thing about the matte top coat is that you can apply it to any color.

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xo, Dahye

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