SB '13: neon + lace

 Top, Korea____Skirt, Abercrombie&Fitch____flats and bag, J.Crew____Necklace, Target____Bracelets, random____rings,


Here is my day 2 Myrtle Beach outfit on the boardwalk again. Something about having the ferris wheel in the background makes these pictures so much better. On day two, I made the most of my day and headed straight to the beach so I could get my tan on . Personally, I don't like to tan because I want to prevent skin damage, but I had to a least try to get rid of the t-shirt tan that I acquired the day before! 

As I'm unpacking from the beach, I'm also packing for my trip back to Minnesota for prom. I know I've mentioned prom on pretty much every post for the past month... but I am just so excited! 

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