Valentine's Day Hair + Makeup

Valentine's day hair and makeup by Dahye

Hey everyone!

Since Valentine's Day is coming up soon, I thought it would be fun to do a hair/makeup post. This day is all about flowers, chocolate, and love. So bring out that girly side, and enjoy this post!

1. Start with clean, brushed hair and spray heat protectant. Here I am using CHI 44 Iron Guard. I use about 3 squirts on each side. 

2. Secure your hair with a large clip, and take 2 inch sections of your hair to curl. To make your hair have a more wavy look, make the sections big! 

3. Curl and hold for about 10 seconds.

4. Release the clamp, and hold the curl in your palm for a few seconds. This makes the curls a little bouncier. 

5. Repeat until you are done. Tip: make the curl around your face tighter, so that it will make a nice frame!

6. Here is my hair after curling. 

7. Use a wide-tooth comb, and brush through the curls gently. 

Brushing through the curls creates a more natural and effortless look. 

8. Pull back two strands of hair from the front, and secure it with a girly bow!

Sweep some light pink blush on the apples of your cheeks. This blush is from the Face Shop, in Korea. The heart shapes are so very festive!

Add some glitter liner or white eyeliner to the teardrop area of your eyes. This instantly makes your eyes pop!

Of course, don't forget your lips! I'm wearing my favorite lipstick, "91 Seduisante" by Chanel.

And voila, you are ready for Valentine's Day! 

xo, Dahye

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