Jacket, Zara____Lace blouse, Zara____Skirt, Forever21____Tights, Forever21____Shoes, Target

Channeling my inner office-lady, I love wearing pencil skirts with a collared blouse. So feminine and put-together. I'm also wearing a mix-mash of textures: pleather, lace, and studs. The mix keeps me from looking like a frumpy librarian!

I'm currently learning stoichiometry in chemistry, and it makes me realize that I definitely have NO interest for working in the science field! I'm always visualizing and predicting what my future will be like... but of course, life never goes as planned! For now, I'm just waiting for April to come. It is the month of spring break, prom, and the arrival of a very important letter! Time goes by fast, but can it please just fast forward to April???

Happy Wednesday!

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