tulle times two

Tulle skirt, J. Crew kids____Jean jacket, American Eagle____tank top, Gap____Flip flops, Abercrombie&Fitch____Bag, Burberry____Hat, J. Crew____Bracelet, handmade by a friend

 These pictures were taken in Florida during winter break.... two weeks ago. I feel like a bad blogger for posting these so late. :/ But oh well, life goes on! Here I'm wearing the same tulle skirt from my last post. Clearly, I am obsessed with it. Another example of the "laid-back ballerina" look. It's all about keeping the focus on one item, in which this outfit focuses on the skirt. I also really like this baseball cap that I found in the men's section of J. Crew. I really do scour the entire store when I'm in there. No section is off-limits to me! 

And finally, I found a white jean jacket! I know I'm going to wear this jacket until the elbows need to be darned because my blue jeans jacket has no time to rest, especially in the summer. Also, I want to mention the brown bead bracelet. I should have taken a better picture of it, because it has a cool hand bead on it. My friend, Tamara, made it for me. Handmade gifts are seriously so thoughtful and makes it really special. So, thank you Tam-Tam. :)

Second semester of school starts tomorrow. Gone are the days of sleeping in until noon and watching haul videos on Youtube until I get tired of them. Sometimes I get so bored during break that I learn to appreciate being busy during school. So here goes the second half of the school year, then summer vacation!

Let the countdown begin.

Photography by Amara Young

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