Holiday Gift Guide '12: Gadgets

2. Fuji Instax Camera would be so much fun at parties to take pictures, and print them out on the spot. 
3. Chanel Three book set, these books are packed with beautiful pictures of Chanel. They would also look great on coffee tables or as display.
4. BCBG Mini duffel keychain I'm a sucker for anything mini-sized, and this keychain is no exception. It would be great to put change and other random stuff. 
5. BCBG studded headphones These would be a great gift for music lovers! I think they would look cool just wearing them around. 
6. Camera lens mug... Definitely a dorky gift, but I think the photography/blog enthusiast would appreciate it. It is a mug that resembles a camera lens! How unique is that? 

Here are some more gift ideas, targeted towards the gadget-girl. The girl whose phone is overloaded with the latest apps, in-the-know of the newest camera lens, and obsessed with being 21st-century chic. I think we all know one person like that, right?

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