the little black jacket

Jacket, TJ Maxx___Blouse, H&M___Skirt, Korea___Shoes, Target___Bag, Kate Spade

I wonder when I will ever grow out of my love for bows... These Juicy Couture earrings add just the right amount of sparkle. Thanks to my friend who gifted them to me. :)

The Classic Black Jacket. I was immediately drawn to this black and white tweed jacket because of how it resembles Chanel's signature design.  I know I shouldn't even be comparing anything from TJ Maxx to CHANEL, but the shape of the jacket does look similar, right? Okay, at least by a really quick glance it does. Anyways, in this outfit I wore it with a girly circle skirt, and added some black wedges to toughen it up. (These shoes are my new obsession.) I like how this jacket makes me look very pulled-together, but it would also look great dressed down with some boyfriend jeans. 

I found this perfect pearl bow pin down in the deep, dark corner of my jewelry box! BOWS AND PEARLS?! I know, it's a double stunner. I pinned it onto the pocket to remind myself that I am nowhere near the age of 70, and I shouldn't be dressing as if I was. 

Oh well, it's grandma-chic!


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