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 Hello lovelies :) Hope you all had a fantastic week! Mine literally flew by. I feel like a zombie from Monday to Thursday, that comes back to life on Friday. 

Today's post is all about ballerinas. I think ballet is a beautiful art, and seriously though, major props to the talented dancers for being able to look so elegant and effortless, all the while balancing on their toes. I find much girly inspiration from their attire: tulle skirts, lace up shoes, and a chic bun. 

Perfect girly outfit. via Pinterest

Oh yeah, just a casual bike ride in a tulle skirt while looking perfect... the usual. via Pinterest

Blair from Atlantic-Pacific. She is one of my FAVORITE bloggers. Every outfit she wears is genius. 

Oh, Marilyn. via Pinterest

Amazing ballerina-inspired flats from Chloe. My jaws dropped when I first saw these. 

Then, my jaws dropped even more when I saw these Louboutins. via Pinterest

Leave it to Lauren to create the perfect, chic ballerina bun. Can't wait until my hair gets long enough, so I can do this hairstyle! 

Vogue Russia October '12 Editorial. [watch behind-the-scenes video]

And I will end this post with the cutest ballerinas EVER: Sophia Grace and Rosie!!! 

October was a great month, filled with traveling back and forth to Montreal, visiting my sister. During my flights, I would pass the time by knitting. (I'm currently working on another circle scarf.) It's really kind of awkward because I feel like I'm being judged by people when I casually pull my knitting needles out of my purse. They're probably wondering why the heck a 17-year old teenager is at the airport alone, knitting. 

I hope you liked this inspiration post, and have a great weekend!


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