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Leather jacket, Express___Lace top, Abercrombie___Skirt, Forever21___Faux fur scarf, American Eagle___Shoes, Target___Backpack, Louis Vuitton___Hat, H&M

Hello everyone!!!! It feels great to be back home on my laptop, blogging again. I had the past week off from school for Thanksgiving break, so my friend and I visited Montreal for the week. Oh my goodness, it was so much fun. Literally there wasn't a thing we didn't do. It was crazy, and the week flew by. Almost everyday, we would be out of the apartment by 10AM, then we would walk around the city until 10PM. I seriously LOVE walking around the busy streets, because that is the best way to really experience everything a city has to offer. 

We were so lucky to have beautiful fall weather. I was shocked at how warm it was in Canada! So I took full advantage of it by layering my outfit with leather textures, lace, and faux fur. The wedges I am wearing are my new staple piece from Target. They stayed comfortable throughout the day, and all of the walking gave the shoes a nice worn-in look to them. 

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving weekend! And I heard the Black Friday shopping was....crowded.. to say the least. But it's funny because there were a few stores with Black Friday shopping deals, when it isn't even Thanksgiving in Canada. Whatever, it's a good excuse to shop! 

Look out for some more posts from my trip... :)


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