go with the flow

Hey beauties! 

Today I am wearing this amazing dress I received from oasap.com 
It pretty much possesses everything that I love in a piece of clothing:
- a simple design and shape
- light and flowy fabric
- neutral color

I tried my best to capture how beautifully this dress moves with the wind, but many shots turned out blurry or awkward... Nevertheless, I felt like a greek goddess. Kind of, sort of, not really. 

cool & casual look:

 Denim dresses anything down, so I put on a thrifted jean vest and tied the front. I added a slouchy leather bag from Lucky Brand, and voila! The dress doubles as a maxi skirt when I want to keep it cool and casual.  

My obsession with statement necklaces is now replaced by delicate and dainty ones. 
(random necklaces... the long pearl&shell one is from Banana Republic)

To complete the "Grecian" vibe of the dress, these metallic gold flats paired perfectly! I love the two ankles straps. Surprisingly, I got these shoes from Gap! 

(dress, thanks to oasap.com)

This week was pretty uneventful. It was basically spent counting down the days until labor day weekend.  
Ah, so glad there's no school Monday! 

keep on smiling,



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