cozy fall

I got a beautiful henna tattoo at a booth at my school's carnival. Love it! Hopefully it will stay on for a while.

Dress, my sister's__Belt, Claire's__Boots, Old Navy__Bag, Lucky Brand__Hat, Target


You know what that means?! Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, circle scarves, leather boots, the sound of crunching leaves, and long walks to enjoy the fall breeze... okay, so I'm lying about the long walks part, because I don't go on long walks, but everything else I listed are just a few of the things that make fall my fave fave FAVEEE season of the year.

This dress is a perfect "transition" piece from summer to fall. I added lots of brown leather tones to warm up the dress, like my boots and bag. Top it off with a hat and gold accessories (which is always a must, I wonder if I'll ever get into silver jewelry) and I'm ready to go. 

This weekend, my friends and I attended all of the homecoming festivities... football game on Friday, (which we lost by a landslide), and the dance on Saturday night. High school dances are just awkward. Especially when the principal is RIGHT THERE, going through the mob of sweaty students, making sure girls and boys have at least 3 feet between them. Besides that, it was still a good time and it was cute seeing everybody looking their best. :)