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by Dahye Jung.


(Top, Korea)
(Skirt, J.crew kids!)
(Blazer and Belt, Gap)
(bag, Kate Spade)
(string chain bracelets, Korea)
(Watch, old)

I paired a neon yellow button up with a bright pink skirt, and threw on a beige blazer to tone it down. I randomly found the watch that I'm wearing while I was cleaning my room this weekend! The battery ran out, so I can't tell time on it, (which defeats the whole purpose of a watch) but I love the small size and gold color of it. So don't ask me what time it is!

It is Homecoming week at my school, so each day has a tacky dress-up theme. I wore this for neon day... I would wear this outfit on an ordinary day, so I guess the theme worked out for me! :)


cozy fall

Gangnam Style