pink olive

(Top, Gap)
(Shorts, Talbots)
(Sparkly Shoes, Urban Outfitters)
(Bag, Vintage Coach)

Pink and olive green is one of my favorite color combinations. I got the blouse from Gap for a steal a super long time ago, but this is my first time wearing it! As you can see, there is an awkward crease line that goes straight across my torso. That's probably because it was folded, and shoved away in a dark, rarely visited corner of my drawers. Now that I am reorganizing everything, I am finding long-forgotten clothes left and right! 

My hair is not long enough, and I am not "hipster" enough to do an ombre on my hair tips, so why not incorporate the trend to my nails? I realized that I own every shade of yellow nail polish that exists under the sun. Which is odd because I'm not particularly fond of yellow nails. But the shades make for great ombre nails, with a sparkly polish at the end. 

And, please try to ignore my chubby fingers. I consider them "baby fat." 


welcome back, class

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