A New Chapter

Hey everyone!

Long time, no see! We just got our Internet connection in our new house today, so I haven't been able to blog for a bit. BUT FINALLY the wi-fi is back! My week and a half long break from the Internet really made me realize of how dependent I am of it. Eh, whatever. I'm just glad I can check my emails, blogs, fb, etc, etc...

Yesterday was my first day at my new high school, and I couldn't help but feel a little nervous about it. All of the new faces intimidated me at first, but I have already met some really nice people in each of my classes. Looking at all of the students at lunch, having fun with their well-established friend group makes me miss my friends back home even more. The transition is definitely tough, but so far, it's going good. :) One day at a time, right?

(Top and bracelet, thrifted)
(Skirt, Korea)
(Bag, Vintage Coach)
(Moccasins, Minnetonka)

Another big change about my move to a new state will be the new settings in my blog posts! I'm scoping for the best lighting location, with nice trees and "blog-worthy" backgrounds. 

Here's to embracing changes, and making the best out of them!

(bottoms up XD )


... and ===

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