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DIY Studded Collar

I'm pretty sure I'm the last person in the fashion world to do this DIY, but here it is anyways! (better late than never)

studded collar materials:

- studs (no brainer) I got my studs from Ebay. $2 for a pack of 50!
- butter knife (to push in the prongs)
- any collared shirt (I got mine from a thrift store! They are very cheap and usually easy to find.)

DIY studded collar tutorial
1. Lay out where you want your studs to be placed. Here I am using rose gold 8mm pyramid studs.

DIY studded collar tutorial
2. Pierce the studs into the fabric, and push the prongs inwards with the butter knife. It makes a cute flower shape!

DIY studded collar tutorial
3. Voila! You are done. You turned a boring collared shirt into a trendy one! 

DIY studded collar tutorial

DIY studded collar tutorial
Ahhh, the classic wrinkly shirt.

Dress from H&M

Thanks to muhhh girl Liz for taking pictures of me:) I wish you the best of luck at your new school next year!

This is such a fun DIY, and I really hope the collar trend will stay because I love it!
Here is a great collar DIY video from Chriselle Lim on Youtube. Ugh, I seriously love her!!!


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